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The Vil Clare - Claremont CA Fun, Event-full, Photo-filled

THE VIL CLARE • So Spring-y / So Cali / So Very Claremont-y!

A Fun, Photo-filled focus on Claremont CA - The City of Trees and PhDs - in SUNsational So Cal

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Giggles and Cheer, Mindi Meader, Photographer / Designer

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Animals with Attitude

Hello. Who's calling, please?

Yeah this is my best side

Sure I can wave "HI"
Animals with Attitude
Peek-a-boo. You're "it"!

Speedy turtle grand prix • Go!

Butterfly? Who me? Cool.

Yoo-woo any bunny home?

Ever wonder what's out there?

Gotta run!

Turtle and duck chit-chatting

Snack time... Yum!

HUMmingbird sing-along

On our way to grandma's

Minion Kevin as a tree trunk

Like my stylish bird-look hat?

I'm a Picture Perfect Hawk

Birds fly-thru luncheonette

Whoa my head's backwards

Butterfly hide-and-seek

Sunday Brunch squirrel-style

Check out my new chair

Yup I'm a butterfly all righty

Hey, anybody in there?


Rockin' It on Friday Night

Havin' Fun

Ya Gotta have Friends

Hey! What's Happening?

Friday Night Hang-Out

King of the World!

Take a Look Around

Guided Walking Tours by Claremont Heritage
Walking Tour: Claremont Village - 1st Sat. Monthly

Fun Find in the Village


Claremont - Fresh Produce / Farmers Market

Around Town

Laemmle 5 Theaters Claremont
Laemmle's 5 Theatres
Route 66 Claremont CA sign
Route 66 Claremont