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The Vil Clare - Claremont CA Fun, Event-full, Photo-filled


THE VIL CLARE • So Cool So Cal-y So Very Claremont-y!

A Fun, Photo-filled focus on Claremont CA - The City of Trees and PhDs - in SUNsational So Cal

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Giggles and Cheer, Mindi Meader, Photographer / Designer

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Origami in the Garden2
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden / Now thru April 14, 2019
Outside Garden and Indoor Gallery Exhibitions / Free with Garden Admission
More info at
Alf Museum of Paleontology
Alf Museum of Paleontology
Claremont Farmers Market
Farmers & Artisans Market

Ya Gotta have Friends

CLAREMONT EVENTS: Click here to view

PICTURE-PERFECT GALLERIES! Fun Finds (includes Woofs of the Week) •
Alf Museum of PaleontologyRancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (includes Animals & Insects with Attitude) • Village in Springtime

Mar 21: WORLD POETRY Day • Mar 22: GOOF OFF Day • Mar 23: PUPPY Day Mar 24: CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISINS Day • More Fun Days...

March 2019:
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designing and producing a seasonal website

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Art • Music • Theater
Tours & Historic Sites and much more!
• Friday Nights LIVE! • Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
• Hiking Trails info (in brochure)-- and Oodles of Photos

So Claremont!!! Mindi Meader / Mindiwho Designs


Animals with Attitude

Butterfly? Who me? Cool.

Snack time... Yum!

Ever wonder what's out there?

Turtle and duck chit-chatting

Like my stylish bird-look hat?

Gotta run!

HUMmingbird sing-along

Minion Kevin as a tree trunk

Birds fly-thru luncheonette

On our way to grandma's

I'm a Picture Perfect Hawk

Whoa my head's backwards

Check out my new chair

Butterfly hide-and-seek

Sunday Brunch squirrel-style

Wow! A leaf makes super shade

Blending in with surroundings

Traffic Jam at Benjamin Pond

Yup I'm a butterfly all righty

Hey, anybody in there?

Rockin' It on Friday Night

Havin' Fun

Ya Gotta have Friends

Hey! What's Happening?

Friday Night Hang-Out

King of the World!

Take a Look Around

Guided Walking Tours by Claremont Heritage
Walking Tour: Claremont Village - 1st Sat.

Fun Find in the Village


Claremont - Fresh Produce / Farmers Market

Around Town

Laemmle 5 Theaters Claremont
Laemmle's 5 Theatres
Route 66 Claremont CA sign
Route 66 Claremont

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Claremont California
A Beautiful Place to See and Be!

PhotoArt of Claremont Postcards at:
Birkenstock Footprints of Claremont - Village
Claremont Heights Postal Center - Vons Center
Claremont Heritage - Memorial Park
(Selection varies at each location)

The City of Trees and PhDs
Carnegie Library

Mt Baldy Sunset in Claremont Village

Mt Baldy Sunset in Claremont Village

Mt Baldy Sunset in Claremont Village

Rio de Ojas

Claremont Depot

©2017 PhotoArt of Claremont by Mindi Meader


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